Tikal is an Real Time Strategy game based in the mayan civilization. For now there are two types of characters, villagers and soldiers.There are also some types of buildings (such as houses). The scenario consists of several elements, including three resources, food, wood and stone, these are used to create buildings and characters.

Tikal was an amazing project, developed by Andres Jessé Porfirio and José Garcia Neto (Pato) as an university work but due to short delivery time it was terminated prematurely;

but anyone who is interested in refactoring or expand the project feel free to do it and please contact me about it.

Here's an screenshot of the lastest version. As you can see the HUD is finished, movement system too. the collision

system is an problem, too slow, need to be replaced. Villagers already collect resources and build things, soldiers can attack.

Mini-Map works just for characters, buildings are not shown. There are no sound.

Download Backup from 29-Nov-09 (lastest) : Tikal-29-Nov-09

Topics about this project:

Forest Test

There are a lot of bugs in the current version, because of that it will not be available in the form of executable binary,